Long, long ago, back in the beginning of the 90’s there was a Dutch company named Cabrioni.

Those being longer in the Mini scene remember the cars converted to full convertible with fat body kits and plastic side windows..

In the last days of they’re excistence Cabrioni launched a prototype with an electric powered roof and full glass side windows which dropped in the rear quater panels, also electric.

Speaking of long ago I have bought what was left of Cabrioni after the bank stopped financing them in 1998…

Up until the beginning of this year I always thought to myself how wonderful it would be if we could
re-invent this last conversion Cabrioni tried to bring on the market, they never succeeded, only a few prototypes where made..

But now in 2016 we are happy and very proud to announce we succeeded!! We launched our own prototype on last IMM in Belgium and we are able to start production of small numbers from spring 2017.

Currently we are investigating if we are able to supply an electric power kit for the roof as for now it is only availbale in manual.

The rear electric powered windows drop in quarter panel and the roof we have re-designed. Inside of the car there is also a lot of changes.

We are able to convert your car to 7Heaven “Cabrioni” convertible or even change your excisting already converted car to carry our roof and systems.

From 2017 we are planning to offer a new Heritage bodyshell converted to 7Heaven “Cabrioni”.

Conversion prices start from €9950.00

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!