7 Heaven Classics is an authorised dealer of MAGNUM Car Panels, 7 Heaven produces several parts and panels on location which we sell directly or trough major Mini specialists wordlwide.

Think of bolts for sport pack arches, Mini VAN side panels and oil temperature sandwich plates. We even have our own 7.5″brake calipers!

For examples see below.

Besides these we have a vast stock of nearly every part needed to build a Classis. From spark plug to brake cilinder and an awfull lot of tiny parts as clamps and grommets. We do not advertise with these as we do not want to take part of price battles but we keep stock of the best quality parts. Please try us, we’ll ship overnight.

Magnum panels we keep in stock in a seperate warehouse, we keep every part they produce so we have plenty of stock.

Trader? please contact us for possiblities, we’re open for conversation, strong together!

I phone 15-09-16 2348