Currently we started this project. Customer bought this car as a nice finished project as seller wanted to move to his next, what a dissapointment this was... Car is very poorly restored by his last owner and we did what we could to save some of the invested money of the nice couple who bought it. We took it apart, at first we started with the agreement to take the enigine out and put some inner wings in as these were completely missing but we ended up doing the complete car and give it a full paintjob. Its's going be a nice looking Estate again with the budget given and current owner will be proud when we're finished, I'm sure of that!! Please have a look at the pictures shown, trough the project I'll try to give you as much updates as possible.. This page is a try out for us, a try out in English as we had a lot of people asking for it. Please give us your feedback if you like!! Excuseer me voor onze Nederlandse bezoekers, ik hoop dat u het niet vervelend vind om Engels te moeten lezen,is dat wél zo laat het ons dan horen!!!
  • Werkzaamheden : Refurbishing
  • Jaar : 1980
  • Merk : Mini
  • Model : Clubman Estate